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Vijetha Vemulapalli

Vijetha Vemulapalli, Ph.D., heads the Digital Health and Real World Evidence initiatives at BERG. She has been recognized several times as an industry leader in bringing Artificial Intelligence based technologies to healthcare.

Dr. Vemulapalli’s work at BERG has been centered around identification of opportunities for analytics in life sciences, and, in leading application of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics tools to disparate healthcare datasets. During her time at BERG, she has led and been part of several initiatives ranging from development of predictive algorithms for population management and individualized patient care to supporting pharma R&D and clinical trials. Dr. Vemulapalli has also guided and driven several successful collaborations with external partners. She has been at BERG since early days of analytics at BERG and has played an indispensable role in shaping and leading various analytics initiatives.

Dr. Vemulapalli has a background in Computer Science and Engineering and earned her Ph.D. in Computational Bioscience from the University of Colorado, Denver. She brings with her, strong computational skills and a unique perspective from her diverse work experience ranging from pharmaceutical R&D to varied academic research labs. Her primary interest is in identifying, developing and optimizing meaningful computational solutions to clinically relevant problems.