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AI Isn’t the Magic Bullet to Simplify Drug Discovery

Wet-lab biology and translational models are key to confirming AI-derived findings

An article for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News by Niven R. Narain, PhD, CEO, BPGbio, Inc. Published June 1st, 2024.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is big business in the pharmaceutical industry. According to Deep Pharma Intelligence, cumulative investments in AI-related drug development between 2014 and 2023 topped $60 billion. With the recent $1 billion launch of Xaira Therapeutics, and seemingly endless new deals between various pharmaceutical companies and NVIDIA, $60 billion seems to be a low projection for 2024 spending.


Niven R. Narain, PhD


Alongside the PR hype, however, there are real conversations taking place among industry leaders questioning whether the money flowing into AI will meaningfully improve productivity and output in the industry. While biotechnology companies have been touting a decade-old narrative about AI drug discovery being exponentially faster and cheaper than conventional drug discovery, so far these companies have put only a few drugs into clinical trials, and none have made it through Phase III and FDA approval yet.

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