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BPGbio | Artificial Intelligence Powered Biology Focused Biopharma

BPGbio is a clinical-stage biopharma reimagining how patient biology can be modeled using unbiased AI algorithms, to accelerate and de-risk the process of drug discovery for humanity.

Our Unique Approach

BPGbio is the world’s foremost human biology-focused biopharma company. We take a bold, hypotheses free approach to the drug discovery process.

See Our Difference

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Our Focus

BPGbio | Artificial Intelligence Powered Biology Focused Biopharma Oncology
BPGbio | Artificial Intelligence Powered Biology Focused Biopharma Neurology
BPGbio | Artificial Intelligence Powered Biology Focused Biopharma Rare Disease

The Power of NAi – Our AI-Powered Platform

With five drug candidates phase II/III ready and over a hundred drug and diagnostic targets discovered, BPGbio is leading the field in putting the first AI-developed drug onto the market and proving the concept of AI drug discovery. 

AI Drug Discovery

A Robust & Growing Pipeline

As a biotech company, BPGbio’s mission is to deliver more optimized medicine for a healthier future. Harnessing unbiased data from our own biobank and leveraging purposely built AI, we are developing a range of transformative therapies aimed at addressing unmet medical needs.


Partner with Us

Unlock unparalleled potential with BPGbio! We invite forward-thinking organizations to partner with us. Whether it’s licensing our assets or harnessing the power of NAi for new discovery, we’re committed to creating strong relationships that drive success.

Work With Us


With over 400 US and international patents, BPGbio’s intellectual property portfolio reinforces our leadership in bioscience, offering partners and investors a foundation of exclusivity and fostering revolutionary advancements in the healthcare landscape.

Explore Our Patents

Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are where innovation meets verification. The progress BPGbio is making in clinical trials represents the strongest testament to the efficacy of our AI-powered drug discovery platform – the NAi Interrogative Biology® platform.

Pancreatic Cancer  Glioblastoma (GBM)  Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB)  Sarcopenia   Chemo-Induced Alopecia (CIA)