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BPGbio | Artificial Intelligence Powered Biology Focused Biopharma

BPGbio is a clinical-stage biopharma reimagining how patient biology can be modeled using unbiased AI algorithms, to accelerate and de-risk the process of drug discovery for humanity.


We take a different, bold approach to the drug discovery process. Rather than using hypotheses based upon existing published data as the foundation for discovering new therapeutics, we focus on population-health patient biology first to unravel far richer, more robust and unbiased data sets. By using our proprietary Interrogative Biology® platform, we navigate the complex reality of patients’ biologic data to identify novel disease hypotheses, targets, biomarkers and correlative phenotypes.

The Power of Our Intelligent Interrogative Biology® Platform

BPGbio is the world’s foremost human biology-focused biopharma company. BPGbio’s intelligent Interrogative Biology® platform continues to demonstrate its unrivaled capability and speed in how medicines are discovered, allowing BPGbio to secure a robust portfolio of more than 400 US and international granted and pending patents. These patents and our intelligent drug discovery process combined with prolific clinical and diagnostic pipelines consist of more than a dozen promising candidates, including several moving into phase II and III clinical trials. This exemplifies the power of BPGbio’s approach using math, biology and AI to bring new products to market.

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Our Focus

BPGbio | Artificial Intelligence Powered Biology Focused Biopharma Oncology
BPGbio | Artificial Intelligence Powered Biology Focused Biopharma Neurology
BPGbio | Artificial Intelligence Powered Biology Focused Biopharma Rare Disease

A Robust & Growing Pipeline

Our Interrogative Biology® platform has produced and guided development of more than a dozen therapeutics and diagnostics candidates in the areas of oncology, neurology and rare disease, including several in advanced clinical stages. As BPGbio continues to expand our biobank, and the network insights that are derived from it, we anticipate more promising discoveries made with improved time and cost efficiency.