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BPGbio is Evaluating Treatment Solutions for Sarcopenia

What is Sarcopenia?

Sarcopenia is an age associate muscle degenerative disorder, which results in lower muscle mass and strength, leading to a decline in physical capacity.

There are multiple causes for this disorder, however, decrease muscle metabolic activity including lower CoQ10 content, has been extensively characterized in this condition.

Clinical Trial

The Phase II BPGbio’s (BERG) BPM 31510 sarcopenia trial will recruit 40 patients between the ages of 65-90 for this study. Patients will be treated for 28 days and subsequently analyzed for physical and metabolic fitness.

Please check back for more information about BPGbio’s (BERG) BPM 31510 Sarcopenia trial.

BPGbio (BERG) will utilize its Interrogative Biology® platform to assess biomarker changes associated with treatment in both muscle and blood samples.

What is the trial status of BPGbio’s (BERG) BPM 31510 for Sacropenia?

BPGbio (BERG) is initiating a Phase II clinical trial using oral BPM 31510, a CoQ10 nanosuspension,that will be evaluated for impacting muscle strength, aerobic capacity, and physical function in sarcopenic patients compared to placebo controls.

BPGbio (BERG) has previously completed an oral dosing Phase I health control volunteer study of BPGbio’s (BERG) BPM 31510 demonstrating safety and tolerability.