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BERG’s CSO Ranga Sarangarajan to Chair AI Pharma Innovation Summit in Boston

As Chair of the AI Pharma Innovation Summit 2017, BERG’s Chief Scientific Officer Ranga Sarangarajan will offer opening and closing remarks for the first two days of the three-day meeting, which will wrap up with a series of workshops on July 28.

Leonardo Rodrigues, BERG’s Associate Director of Advanced Analytics, will also take part in the conference. On Day 1 at 11:45 a.m., Leo will present “Discover: Showcasing the Application of AI to Unravel Human Disease Complexity,” in which he’ll speak about how:

  • To unlock disease aetiology and pathogenesis through AI technology
  • AI will drive advances in solving fundamentals of biology
  • AI can transform drug pipelines by elucidating the complexity of biology

At 12:45 p.m., Leo will take part in a panel discussion entitled “Discussing the Collision of Two Powerhouse Industries to Harmonize AI Application in the Pharmaceutical Industry.”