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Pancreatic Cancer Diagnostic Panel

Harnessing Precision Medicine Strategies for Project Survival

57,600 cases of Pancreatic Cancer are diagnosed in the United States alone annually.

Current therapeutic interventions have minimal beneficial effect on clinical progression and at the present day, few diagnostic options exist for screening, theranostics, or prediction of response to therapy.

Current Pancreatic Cancer Diagnostic Landscape

The landscape is quite open for innovative therapies and diagnostics in the Pancreatic Cancer space.

There are NO effective commercial biomarkers that exist in the market to effectively diagnose Pancreatic Cancer from an integrated clinical and molecular level.

Additionally, there are no markers that exist that align with response to 1st or 2nd line therapy for Pancreatic Cancer.

Introducing Project Survival for Pancreatic Cancer Diagnostics

Project Survival is a precision health biomarker discovery program for pancreatic cancer patients.

This program is designed to harness the inherent depth of clinical knowledge and innovative precision medicine strategies between a consortium of clinicians, informatics, and omics scientists to ensure translational efforts are at the forefront of discovery. With 452 participants longitudinally molecularly characterized and clinical phenotyped, Project Survival represents the most comprehensive precision health assessment existing for Pancreatic Cancer.

The objective of Project Survival is to transform novel predictive diagnostics and tailored therapies for patients with pancreatic cancer.


BPGbio is currently exploring commercial opportunities globally for this technology. The test is currently not commercially available in the United States.