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Identification and preliminary assessment of FLNA, FLNB, and KRT19 as potential biomarkers for prostate cancer

Future Science Open Access 2016, Narain et al- Berg’s Interrogative Biology platform discovers a novel biomarker panel for prostate cancer detection in blood samples

Authors: Niven R Narain, Anne R Diers, Arleide Lee, Socheata Lao, Joyce Y Chan, Sally Schofield, Joe Andreazi, Rakibou Ouro-Djobo, Joaquin J Jimenez, Tracey Friss, Nikunj Tanna, Aditee Dalvi, Sihe Wang, Dustin Bunch, Yezhou Sun, Wenfang Wu, Khampaseuth Thapa, Stephane Gesta, Leonardo O Rodrigues, Viatcheslav R Akmaev, Vivek K Vishnudas & Rangaprasad Sarangarajan

Current testing methods for prostate cancer often result in over diagnosis and aggressive interventions in patients with indolent disease. Using Berg’s Interrogative Biology platform, we identified FLNA, FLNB and KRT19 as potential biomarkers of disease from a high confidence, causal, prostate cancer specific network derived from perturbation of prostate cancer cell models. The biomarker panel proteins were validated in a panel of prostate cancer cell lines and found to be secreted from cells, thus demonstrating their potential for detection in noninvasive biofluids. Testing of the biomarker panel in blood samples showed that FLNA and FLNB levels were dysregulated in patients with prostate cancer, but not in patients with benign tumors. These studies highlight the potential use of a panel of biomarkers that includes FLNA and FLNB for detection of prostate cancer.