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Transforming Drug Discovery through Artificial Intelligence.

BERG’s CEO, Niven R. Narain, recently spoke toRobert Reiss, Founder and CEO, The CEO Forum Group where he discussed BERG’s initiatives with AI, Biology and our approach to efficiently advancing therapeutics into human trials. The summary of Dr. Narain’s discussion with Mr. Reiss is featured on titled “Transforming Drug Discovery Through Artificial Intelligence”. The article highlights BERG’s focus on a patient-first approach to drug development, using AI to merge biology and technology to map human disease.
The article describes the AI-powered development efforts of BPM 31510 in oncology, specifically in aggressive cancers that was informed by leveraging comprehensive multi-omic capture of patient biology. BERG’s platform is disease agnostic and is focused on understanding the biological basis of disease with a goal to transform the future of healthcare by creating more precision and predictability in the process of advancing drugs to the market.

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