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BPGbio Sponsors Mitochondrial Medicine 2024 Conference

BPGbio Showcases Mitochondrial Medicine Advancements Driven by its Pioneering Biology-First, AI-Powered Approach to Drug Development

BOSTON, MASS., June 20, 2024 – BPGbio, Inc., a leading biology-first, AI-powered, clinical stage biopharma focused on mitochondrial biology and protein homeostasis, today announced its sponsorship and participation in the United Mitochondrial Disease Foundation’s Mitochondrial Medicine Conference taking place June 26-29, 2024 in Cleveland, Ohio.

In its presentation and booth at this year’s Mitochondrial Medicine conference, BPGbio will showcase the success of its proprietary Interrogative Biology Platform, NAi, in advancing its mitochondrial-biology focused clinical compound BPM31510, currently in two active phase 2 trials in aggressive cancers, and exploring phase 3 trials for primary CoQ10 deficiency and primary mitochondrial disease.

Derived by the NAi Interrogative Platform, BPM31510(IV) is a novel, highly bioavailable, CoQ10 metabolic approach to therapy. In clinical trials, BPM31510 has demonstrated the benefit of increasing levels of CoQ10 in cancer cells, restoring the normal process of energy generation in the mitochondria leading to tumor cell death. This revolutionary lipid conjugate molecule addresses CoQ10 bioavailability issues in many mitochondrial diseases by restoring CoQ10 levels to overcome the effect of mutations in genes that lead to mitochondrial dysfunction. This restoration of energy generation can minimize tissue damage from toxic metabolites and preserve function in organs, such as the brain and heart.

“As BPGbio explores late-stage trials for primary CoQ10 deficiency and primary mitochondrial disease with BPM31510, we look forward to joining the conversation at this year’s conference which brings together the foremost experts and advocates in the scientific, industry, and patient communities, as we work together towards better mitochondrial disease treatment options and improved patient outcomes,” said Niven R. Narain, Ph.D., Chairman, CEO and President of BPGbio.

Mitochondrial diseases are considered rare, but their exact prevalence can be challenging to determine due to their wide range of symptoms and varying severity. Estimates suggest that mitochondrial diseases affect about 1 in 4,300 to 1 in 5,000 individuals worldwide.

About BPGbio Inc.

BPGbio is a leading biology-first AI-powered clinical stage biopharma focused on mitochondrial biology and protein homeostasis. The company has a deep pipeline of AI-developed therapeutics spanning oncology, rare disease and neurology, including several in late-stage clinical trials. BPGbio’s novel approach is underpinned by NAi, its proprietary Interrogative Biology Platform, protected by over 400 US and international patents; one of the world’s largest clinically annotated non-governmental biobanks with longitudinal samples; and exclusive access to the most powerful supercomputer in the world. With these tools, BPGbio is redefining how patient biology can be modeled using bespoke Bayesian AI specifically designed for solving large-scale biology challenges. Headquartered in greater Boston, the company is at the forefront of a new era in medicine, combining biology, multi-modal data, and AI to transform the way we understand, diagnose, and treat disease. For more information, visit


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