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The NAi Interrogative Biology® Platform

NAi is for broad scale development and repurposing of drugs, identification of diagnostic biomarkers, and health analytics.

NAi is fully scaled for industry, government, and academic partners.

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The Only Fully-Integrated High Performance AI-Driven Platform in the Biopharma Industry

The NAi platform consists of an industry leading and clinically annotated proprietary biobank, with purpose-built Bayesian AI and is using the world’s fastest supercomputer, Frontier, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL), making it the only fully-integrated high performance computing (HPC) platform in the biopharmaceutical industry for AI-driven target nomination, discovery, and molecule design.

“The NAi Platform’s large patient resources and databases, multi-omic platforms, AI methodologies, complementary partnerships, and great leaders and entrepreneurs, are set to transform healthcare for all, irrespective of geography. We in Oxford are delighted to work with brilliant colleagues at BPGbio and Oak Ridge National Laboratory to make available all our relevant resources and expertise to catalyse this vision.”
Chas Bountra, Ph.D., Pro-Vice Chancellor for Innovation, University of Oxford

Proven By Excellent Results As Evident In Our Late-Stage Pipeline

Uniting the best-in-class in biology and technology for hypothesis-free discovery, it has delivered more than 100 drug and diagnostics targets/candidates for BPGbio, including its lead franchise drug candidate – BPM31510 IV – currently in Phase 2b and Phase 2a trials for glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) and pancreatic cancer, respectively.

BPGbio Pipeline

Used by Major Partners

BPGbio has successfully collaborated with government, industry and academic partners using the NAi Interrogative Biology® Platform to validate its robustness. These partners included government partners the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, and Genomics England; industry partners AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Sanofi, and Becton Dickinson; and academic partners Harvard University, Stanford University, and Oxford University.

BPGbio Partners

Good AI Starts with Good Data

Our extensive partnerships with highly respected universities, businesses, and governments globally provides unprecedented access to private resources encompassing actual patient tissues, blood, urine and more.

With a large repository of molecular and clinically annotated phenotype data, BPGbio has one of the world’s largest biobanks of human specimen that offers trillions of data points on any given patient. This biobank provides multi-omics data that goes beyond genomics performing deep molecular phenotyping in proteomics, lipidomics, and metabolomics representing any population. It is rich, complex and free of human bias. And, it’s the foundation of our unique insights.

The more samples we have, the smarter our platform gets, the more programs we have in our pipeline.


Making Discoveries in Therapeutics and Diagnostics at a Pace No One Else Can Match

Many companies use AI to help guide their work, but BPGbio takes artificial intelligence to the next level. Through our proprietary AI software and exclusive access to Frontier, the world’s fastest supercomputer offering up to two exaFLOPS of processing power, we are able to make discoveries based on a multitude of factors that no one else can with maximum efficacy and safety for humanity. And, we do it faster than ever before thought possible. How much faster? Our development cycle is measured in months, not decades.

“The NAi Interrogative Biology Platform promises to combine state-of-the-art causal inference AI with the most powerful computing and robust biological and phenotypic data available to reach unprecedented depth in diagnostic and therapeutic science.”
Jeremy Smith, Ph.D., Governor’s Chair and Director, University of Tennessee/Oak Ridge National Laboratory Center for Molecular Biophysics

“AMD-Powered Frontier Supercomputer Breaks The Exascale Barrier Now, Fastest In The World” – Tom’s Hardware

BPGbio (formerly Berg) and the Frontier Supercomputer