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Our Interrogative Biology® Platform

Scientists at BPGbio believe that the traditional approach to biology is oversimplifying the relations of the complex biological systems of humanity leading to declining efficiency of the traditional drug discovery process over time.

BPGbio’s intelligent Interrogative Biology® platform gathers immense amounts of data from patient biospecimens and uses advanced AI to analyze this data to identity novel targets, safe and effective therapeutics and biomarkers.


One of the World’s Largest Biobanks

With a large repository of molecular and clinically annotated phenotype data, BPGbio has one of the world’s largest biobanks of human specimen that offers trillions of data points on any given patient. The more samples we have, the smarter our platform gets, the more programs we have in our pipeline.

Unbiased, Un-simplified Data

Our extensive partnerships with highly respected universities, businesses, and governments globally provides unprecedented access to private resources encompassing actual patient tissues, blood, urine and more. This biobank provides multi-omics data that goes beyond genomics performing deep molecular phenotyping in proteomics, lipidomics, and metabolomics representing any population. It is rich, complex and free of human bias. And, it’s the foundation of our unique insights.

We call it Advanced Patient Intelligence® for good reason.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Several companies use machine learning to help guide their work, but BPGbio takes artificial intelligence to the next level. Through our proprietary AI software and exclusive access to Frontier, the world’s fastest supercomputer, we are able to make discoveries based on a multitude of factors that no one else can with maximum efficacy and safety for humanity. And, we do it faster than ever before thought possible. How much faster? Our development cycle is measured in months, not decades.

Enabled by The World’s Fastest Supercomputer

Frontier, the world’s fastest supercomputer, makes decoding the complex biological systems of humanity possible. It is the only supercomputer in the world that can exceed exascale—offering up to two exaFLOPS of processing power. Only BPGbio, through our exclusive partnership, can take full advantage of Frontier to make discoveries in therapeutics and diagnostics at a pace not before possible and no one else can match.


“AMD Powered Frontier Supercomputer Breaks The Exascale Barrier. Now The Fastest In The World.”

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BPGbio (formerly Berg) and the Frontier Supercomputer

Used by Major Partners

Our intelligent Interrogative Biology® platform is used by major partners in the U.S. Government including the Department of Defense and Veterans Affairs. We also partner with industry leaders and world-renowned research institutions to fuel analysis of valuable human-derived biospecimens and drug discovery programs.

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