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“AI is only useful when you fully understand biology.”

Niven R. Narain, Ph.D., CEO

Reimagining Biology for Humanity

At BPGbio, we believe a comprehensive understanding of patient biology is key to unlock insights catalyzing drug discovery for some of our most challenging and debilitating diseases. That’s why we are reimagining how unbiased patient biological data can be utilized to speed up and de-risk the process of drug discovery across oncology, neurology, and rare diseases.

BPGbio is the world’s foremost human biology focused biopharmaceutical company.

Our Approach

Our approach to drug discovery and development is from patients for patients. We understand that comprehensive understanding of patient biology means making sense of massive, complex data sets beyond what the human brain can process, and we love the challenge. By exponentially increasing the depth, quality and diversity of patient biological information elucidated, we gain insights that the traditional hypotheses-based approach cannot. The outcomes aim to improve the quality and predictability of drug targets while improving clinical trial design and outcomes.


Traditional hypotheses generating data

• Hypotheses derived from literature and un-vetted public data with human bias potential
• Drug outcomes with broad toxicity and efficacy ranges
• Relies on tools that churn existing data and don’t improve productivity
• Treats a specific problem with little implication for the broader biological system
• Broad treatments with little precision
• Slow Development: Can take decades to find a successful candidate
• High-risk: Clinical success rate of less than 10% overall


BPGbio Human biology and AI generating therapeutics and diagnostics

• Faster iteration and validation from in-house biology resources
• Unique insights from our proprietary, multi-omic, human biology-based biobank
• Bayesian AI Platform identifies novel targets, phenotype and clinical correlates absent human bias
• Comprehensive AI offers maximum efficacy and safety insights for drug development hit to lead analyses
• Potential for better patient outcomes due to population health analytics in clinical trial strategy and biomarker development

Learn More About The NAi Interrogative Biology® Platform

Our platform serves as an engine of innovation and development for first-in-class R&D projects in biopharma.