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Diagnostics Overview

Early Detection is Key

BPGbio is committed to improving the lives of patients and their families.  Far too often, patients are diagnosed with diseases at late stages that either leave them with few options or none at all. We use patient biology and AI to identify biomarkers that help in diagnosing, staging, and following disease processes more effectively.

The competitive edge of our diagnostic panels comes from our intelligent Interrogative Biology® platform and our biobank, one of the largest omics-annotated biobanks in the world. Through partnerships with the world’s leading academic institutions, including Oak Ridge National Labs, US Department of Defense (DoD), and others, we are able to access precious tissue samples and biofluids in various cancers and work on innovative solutions to address unmet needs in the areas of Prostate, Breast, Pancreatic, Parkinson’s Disease, and Fatty Liver Disease (NASH).

At BPGbio, we seek to arm patients and healthcare professionals with better tools to make faster and more precise healthcare decisions.

pstateDx™ Prostate Health Diagnostic Panel

Our deep focus on men’s health has led to the world’s first AI-discovered Prostate Health test in collaboration with the DoD. Prospective clinical trials completed in the US and Canada at leading institutions have demonstrated the ability to discriminate Prostate Cancer versus Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (BPH) in men with enlarged prostates. The test may help guide better clinical decision support and prevent unnecessary biopsies, which are costly and often present harmful side effects.

BPGbio is currently exploring commercial opportunities globally for this technology. The test is currently not commercially available in the United States.

BPGbio pstateDx™ For Prostate Health

Breast Cancer Diagnostic Panel

BPGBio has developed a 34 gene panel test with the DoD to “upstage” breast cancer patients so women are treated most effectively at time of diagnoses, thereby potentially leading to better disease outcomes, and saving more lives. As imaging, pathology, and AI enters the mainstream for cancer diagnostics, BPGbio seeks to add molecular precision to how patients are treated as early as possible following diagnoses and is completing clinical validation of the gene panel.

BPGbio Breast Health Diagnostic Panel

Pancreatic Cancer Diagnostic Panel

BPGbio partnered over five years ago with Harvard Medical School, Project Survival™, to embark on a bold and challenging mission to discover biomarkers to diagnose, follow, and treat patients with Pancreatic Cancer as early as possible. Over 99% of patients diagnosed with advanced disease will not live one year and the overall 5-year survival rate for all cases is less than 12%. We are in the clinical validation stages related to promising disease diagnoses markers and are committed to working with our partners to create a commercial product that can be an early diagnosis tool for patients, families, and physicians.

BPGbio is currently exploring commercial opportunities globally for this technology. The test is currently not commercially available in the United States.

BPGbio Pancreatic Cancer Diagnostic Panel

Diagnostics Pipeline

BPGbio has a deep pipeline of diagnostics assets in Cancer, CNS diseases (Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s), and NASH. We are actively seeking partners to collaborate on other pipeline assets.

BPGbio First-In-Class Diagnostic Pipeline