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Michael Kiebish

Michael Kiebish, Ph.D., is the Chief Precision Medicine Officer. Dr. Kiebish joined BERG in 2012 and has overseen numerous technical and translational roles during his tenure. Dr. Kiebish and his team have pioneered novel systems medicine strategies for biomarker, pharmaceutical and theranostic development to ensure target populations’ are stratified based on biological and physiological status. Through the implementation of artificial intelligence platforms, BIG Data integration, population health strategies, and integrative phenomic technologies, the systems medicine division overseen by Dr. Kiebish synergizes BERG’s efforts in improving patient care, stratifying populations, and guiding molecular adaptive clinical trials.

Prior to moving to industry, Dr. Kiebish was a postdoctoral associate at Washington University School of Medicine in the Division of Bioorganic Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology, where he was extensively trained in mass spectrometry-based OMICS platforms as well as a molecular therapeutic strategies for neurological, cardiovascular, and metabolic disease states.

Dr. Kiebish received bachelors degrees in Comprehensive Science and Biology from Villanova University as well as a Ph.D. in Biology from Boston College. Michael has published numerous peer-reviewed manuscripts, several book chapters, as well as serves as a reviewer for several scientific journals.